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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 19, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it made land fall last night as a category five storm. there it is. right through some of the islands with winds of 160 miles an hour unfortunately i've been reading tweets sounds like things are not good out. there we're expecting latest update at 5. as of 2 a.m. it weakened to 155 and category 4 storm and it's getting back over warm water could restrengthen to 5 and it looks like it's headed for island of puerto rico. there we'll have the latest details as we get new information at 5bg. weather locally here today is pretty good we have jose off the coastline and full details in a bit. all right. guys, i'll send it back to you at the desk. >> these are pictures of virginia task force one preparing for maria arrival in puerto rico. team members can be seen boarding upwind owes on hotel and seen inspecting island infrastructure and preparing course of action in case of flooding and damage from
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flooding and damage from maria. >> back here at home right now at 4:30 prince william county family is devastated after a police officer shot and killed their son. it happened last friday and now they're speaking out calling it an example of police brutality. live in prince william with more. good morning, mel. >> maureen, wisdom. the commonwealth attorney's office is expected to announce sometime today whether it believes this shooting is justified and that is a word the teen's family has a hard time hearing. >> that little kid only 5 foot so skinny big policeman, come on, had a taser, electrical, then perhaps they come to hospital to evaluate. that's what should have happened. prince william county police respokened to a 911 call friday morning. someone
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hartzel hill lane said the teen had a bomb strapped to his chest and was holding a family member hoingt tan. theyen counterd the young man in front of the home crowbar in hand started coming to police and ignored commands to stop. he was shot in the upper body and died in front of his home. the teen's family tells "fox5" he was honor roll and loved tae kwon do and skateboarding and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and did not want to comment on his mental status. we can tell you the officer that fired the shot is on administrative leave. live in prince william county. "fox5 local news". >> thank you forty update. 4:32 is the time. we're a few hours away from president trump addressing united nations general assembly. he's expected to focus on you boiling tensions between u.s. and north korea and iran nuclear deal. on monday he met with foreign leers including french president and israeli
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minister benjamin netanyahu. >> under president trump america's position towards un has been unequivocal and strong. it's got both clarity and conviction. >> i really think we have a chance. israel would like to see it and palestinians would like to see it and i can tell you that the trump administration would like to see it. so, we're working very hard on it and we'll see what happens. historically people say it cannot happen. i say it can happen. >> last night president trump capped off the day sitting down to dinner with a group of latin american leaders. if you want to hear what the president has to say turn to us "fox5" we'll bring you the address live on good day d.c. >> developing news into the investigation of russian madeling in the 2016 election. there is reports he was wire stand by fbi. paul
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on using secret court hordes before and after election. right now it's unclear if president trump was recorded on any of those wire taps or if this is what the president was referring to when he claimed the fbi was wire tapping him earlier this year. as a special council investigaing russian interference has been id proved details of communications. >> 4:34 is the time and congressional efforts to appeal the affordable care act are coming ak back to life. two republican senators are behind the latest push. under the new bill millions would lose coverage and medicade could face cuts. senate must act fast days remain before repeal legislation can be filibustered again. >> immigration reform is on. protesters took over a press conference by house democratic leader nancy pelosi. she was trying to drum up support for dream act and that louz immigrants brought as children to stay in the country. and is seen as alternative to
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many immigration applicants auto fear the extreme act will affect others like their parents. they khanlted all of us or none of us. the bill is a compromise for liberal and conservative voters. >> the president says make america great again. well, his people here make america white again. >> some immigrants found a federal lawsuit imklaing president violated their due process and constitution tryinging to roll back democratic national convention a time now is 4:5 we're following big news from redskins park. safety clay is the 22 was put on reserve. craveens left the teen before week one when contemplating retirement. >>
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about weather. >> the latest update will be at 5 a.m. come back at 5:00. don't go anywhere stay for a5:00 and well teal you what the latest track s we'll keep an eye on it in the united states. remember irma was in the same location little further north. but, we'll get to details coming up. let's do local weather fist. satellite showing clouds on eastern shore. even southern maryland and s st. mary and calvert and charles dealing with cloud cover thamingz to jose. here in d.c. not much cloud cover overhead for now. from time to time as jose goes by we'll get clouds scotting off to the west and dealing with cloud cover. minimum of clouds and sunshine once again today. 70 outside now. dulles bwi and suburbs in 60s. quick look at planner. minimum of clouds and sun and passing shower highs in the low 80s. over to erin for traffic. >> overnight construction lingering as w
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inner loop between pennsylvania avenue and branch avenue. outer loop likes good. you can see the arrow board and cones impacting inner loop. volume is light now not causing major delays. plan to keep it left for nouvrment we'll let you know when it clears out of the way and as you make your way out topside of beltway upper loop construction as well as outer loop construction zone taking out to lanes georgia avenue and i 20. as you make your way out to the airport things looking good towards reagan national. i'll let you know if anything chains. bwi and dulles looking good as well. we'll have more traffic in a few. >> coming up on "fox news morning" equifax hack was not first attack on credit company and was not first attack this year. >> and the vhl hip hop -- is it vhl. >> vh 1. >> who put that in the pr prompter it's too early in presidential morning. >> 4:37 is the time. 6
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>> the time now is 4:40 we're back westbound what is hot on the web and the stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> hol hoy is here with the realtime news tracker. >> good morning, everybody, firstp a monster hurricane barreling up the atlantic towards fred ricoh. hurricane maria was upgraded to a category five storm powerful winds of 160 miles an hour devastated dominica and the country prime minister there had to be rescued from his own rooftop. maria is ranked category four and on track for direct hit with purlt ricoh. the governor says it's going to be a catastrophic event. >> hundreds of thousands of muslims are fleeing home country of me an mar
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bloody crackdown there and india is is refusing to take in refugees saying they pose a threat to national secure security. un called the mass migration from me an mar ethnic cleansing. they condemned any human rights violations and said anyone responsible would face the law equifax says they were hacked in march two months before the massive security breach that left 143 million people at risk for identity theft. this is one of largest br breaches of private financial information in history. >> taylor visit will be facing another legal battle. according to tmz two claim swift ripped off their lyrics haters going to hate by another song 3 lw. a representative called this ridiculous claim and said it's nothing more than a money g grab. >> and final
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some 90s necessary tallia vh 1 hip honor oz was absolute to 90s. all the big player's performed iconic 90s hits. audience members were given bandanas, sunglasses, cold chains and missy elliot and maria carey were there who broke out her hit hon write. >> it with sun of wisdom's favorite songs. >> honey. >> can't dance but. >> 90s were a great deck ate. >> nass tallia. >> thanks, holly. >> coming up "fox news morning" d.c. massage therapist jail caused after assaulting a client. >> and today expected to learn more good a legal fight to save a walking trail in our region. >> it's 4:42, 69 degrees. hey, just for you. back after
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>> time 4:45. here are the stories we're following for you today. parts of the caribbean getting pounded again by hurricane maria the. the powerful storm hit as a category 5 and now down grade fod category 4 and has wind of 15
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hurricane is now category 4 and headed to puerto rico. the island could take a direct hit tomorrow. u.s. and british virgin islands dedicated by sure cabe irma will feel maria's affects. >> president trump will announce the united nations general assembly. the president is focusing on tensions with north korea, global terrorism and iran. they met with world leaders to lay out bold changes for the world body. they raised work of united nations and says there's a lot of short falls. >> prince william county family says they're devastated after police shot and killed their 15-year-old son during a standoff at the family's home last friday. it happened hartzel hill lane. they got a 911 call someone with a bomb was holding a family hostage. they threatened him with a crowbar. the officer that fired the weapon has been placed on routine administrative leave. a funeral for the teen is planned for wednesday.
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thank you for joining us. today is tuesday, september 19, airport airport watching roads and michael thomas talking weather. good morning. >> good morning to you aas well. locally weather conditions look going today. we're dealing with our own cur hain off the coastline. and very weak one and one struggling to keep itself together and we're talking about jose. there there it is on future cast clearly see it off the carolina coastline. continuing to move through the afternoon and it's throwing rain eastern shore and throwing clouds our way. there we are 3:00. can't rule out a shower or two along the i 95 core do. as it pulls away companies improve and beyond today looking at sunshine for remained he of week. quick peak at the two day forecast. clouds and sun. maybe a shower. look at tomorrow, up to 87. let check the forecast. erin is back with traffic morning. >> 4:47 still dealing with construction impacting inner loop commute. volume is light enough if you keep it to the left. pennsylvania avenue between that pnt
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on the inner loop. aside from that we take a look at 20 at speed coming down from 70 to frederick and really good shape at speed drive times what they should be passing sutly road. 66 eastbound. questions for commute, airport fox d.c. on twitter. back to you. >>. >> 4:48 now the family of 15-year-old shot and killed by prince william country police say his death should have never happened. >> they're speaking out call it example of police brutality live in mannasas with more, mel. the police did not have body worn cameras. so this really will come down to eyewitness accounts. the commonwealth attorney's office is supposed to announce sometime today whether it believes this shooting is justified. and prince william country police responded to 91
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any morning someone inside the house on hartzel hill lane said the teen had a bomb trapped to his test and was holding a family member hoingts tam, an. they encountered the young man in front of the home. he had a crowbar in happened started coming towards police and ignored commands to shot. he died in front of his home and his father says they're all traumatized. >> it's horrible. we're grieving him. we came from crew maition a few minutes ago and for just someone came out and said it's justified, good-bye. no, no, you cannot say good-bye to us. our family was destroyed. we'll never have a life. >> now the teen's family says he was honor roll student and enjoyed tae kwon do and skateboarding and was not under the influence of drug or alcohol however would not comment on mental state. also the officers involv
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this incident the officer who tired the shot is on routine administrative leave. live in prince william cou country, melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> independent investigators looking into grade fixing in prince george county are now asking parents and school staff to help. they've onened a hot line and email for potential whistle blowers to get in contact with them and posts today on and in our local news section after school staff complained about pressure to alter grades and credit. school members cited widespread construction. dr. kevin maxwell continued to deny any corruption and recently acknowledgeded there could be wrong doing. >> people that have no dotted i's and crossed it's or not followed directions they were given. up doud edly in a organization with over
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the allegations made are reckless and you know painful to have to deal with. and but i believe that the best way to put it to rest is to handle it. >> the investigation has been underway for more than two weeks now. it's set to wrap up by end of month. >> massage therapist is in jail accused of inappropriate i touching a client during a mass annual. alleged incident happened sunday massage envy in tenly town. police want to know if this are other possible vick thames and want to hear from anyone who may have had a similar experience. >> time now is 4:51 and federal judge will hold a hearing on the chevy chase trail. developers wanted to get the work started on purple line yesterday but" bone epts calling themselves friends of capital crescent trail and removal of trees. development will hard the community. >> coming
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morning a new study of ch cheating in schools may surprise you. >> as we head back to break a live look across the region 4:52. 69 is the temp. back in a moment.
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>> he want to new defense t team. he wants to fire his team because one is jewish and one african-american the request was filed yesterday. >> popular whine any loudoun county is dealing with a growing problem. customers are stealing high end crystal wine glass
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it is cutting in their profits. they opened the spring season 2,000 glasses now down to 200. the issue is is not limited to wine glasses customers are keeping cutting boards, bread knives and ice buckets. it's customer's sense of entitlement. >> kate walsh is opening up about her brain tumor diagnosis. she was diagnosed with the tomber in 2015. she decided to go public with her cancer scare to raise awareness deal with a type of tumor that affects women. she had surgery to remove the tumor within three days of diagnosis and here's something you might not expect to hear a new study shows children who are told they are smart are more likely to cheat on tests. the study found these students tenlted to cheat because of greater pressure to perform well.
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talking about weather. >> let's get off to a good start. here's a look at the bus stop for waingt. 63 to 72. should be dry locally and after school may be a passing shower or two. special hi our western suburbs should actually see a decent amount of is sunshine and we'll warm it up to 80s today. and look at the warmth coming our way. fall begins friday and we have 87 tomorrow, 88 thursday. each the weekend 7 next surprised and we'll start the next workweek in upper 80s as well. less check the forecast with erin. >> 4:56 inner loop construction branch avenue in process of clearing volume light outer loop look going as well. as we follow things along a look at 506789 inbound buoy to the beltway you're in great shape. very light flow of volume headed to beltway once inside things quiet towards 295. 295 in district
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down past pennsylvania avenue and as we look at 270 coming down 20 frederick we're in great shape and move things into virginia. as you pass courthouse road to stafford volume building app a green zone 17 to quantico. metro gearing up for service on time. questions erin fox d.c. on twilter. >> coming up on "fox news morning" all right we're headed to break now with a live look outside of the d.c. region now. 4:57, 69 degrees. much much more, news, weather, twlavk we come back pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. so, when it's your turn to do the shopping
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sghv deadly police show thing a 15-year-old armed with a crowbar and shot and killed by police in northern virginia leaving his family searches for apps. >> and a strong message for the world president trump prepares to give first address to the un general assembly. a live look outside and we're in for another day of warm temps at summer's last har after before fall starts on friday. >> thank you for johning us. >> tuesday, september 19, if you are just waking up with us we'll begin with the latest on sure cape mature he a. one week after irma maria is following its path. the storm is a category four barreling to island of puerto rico


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